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Advising the Start of a Nonprofit

A colleague of mine, Jim, said to me that he and a few others wanted to start their own nonprofit. Could we meet over a weekend in the fall for them to gain my insight on how to pursue this idea? So we dove in together. They had a dream and I offered them my expertise. Consider the issues…. legal requirements; a Strategic Plan; the necessary capital; raising a continuing source of funds; an effective Board of Directors; finding an Executive Director up to the task.

Today, HEAR Foundation (Health, Education, And Relief) is flourishing! It took some time to balance funding priorities. Now, they have thriving programs in Chicago to provide college scholarships for students with financial need who have demonstrated a commitment to their communities. They have an effective hunger relief program for the underserved. HEAR also has a valuable presence in Guatemala. They support an orphanage, and volunteers teach area residents about business skills, agricultural programs and nutrition.

I could have spent that Sunday a few Octobers ago watching the Bears. I am glad I didn’t.

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