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What Others Say

Dave is one the best leaders I have worked with in my career.  Dave listens extremely well and is a very fine gentleman.  He is very thoughtful and analytical in his decision making, caring about all stakeholders and creative in many ways.  He conducts with the highest level of ethics and integrity.

Kevin Cleary
Managing Partner and Founder, Fort Dearborn Partners

 I have known Dave McCreery for over ten years. He is the most creative, ethical, hard working individual I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His commitment to seeing a challenge all the way through goes hand in hand with his ability to make the final result better than expected. He is a tireless leader who always finds a way to make things happen where most others would fail. His enthusiasm is contagious and his approach always sincere. My appreciation of Dave’s many talents is matched only by the enormous respect I have for him. Dave is a true winner!

Bruce Sirus
Principal and Co-Founder, Production Plus

For over ten years, I had the enormous privilege of working for David McCreery and witnessing his leadership transform an educational organization and create opportunities for success for thousands of at-risk students. In each endeavor, David McCreery brought visionary leadership, a creative and innovative mind, a genuinely compassionate heart, and the ability to inspire excellence in those he worked with. David McCreery has the unique talent and skill to create an organizational culture in which transformation can occur. After nearly 35 years in education, I can unequivocally say that David McCreery is a world-class leader, a master mentor, innovator, educator, and visionary.

Donna Kiel, Ed.D.
Director, Office of Innovative Professional Programs
Professor, Secondary Education, DePaul University

Throughout your career, if you’re lucky, you’ll encounter a person or two who is truly invested in your success.  I can say with authority, Dave McCreery is one of those people.  His counsel has consistently proved to be insightful and nuanced, more importantly, it always comes from a place of authentic unselfishness.  Dave actually cares.  He generously offers his time, attention and knowledge to make others better.  That’s a special and rare trait making Dave McCreery a leader I’ll always hold in immeasurably high regard.  

Brian Burkhart
President + Chief Word Guy, SquarePlanet Presentations + Strategy